Suppress printing of header in a note

New to Joplin so you will have to forgive me if this has been answered - I have found a couple of posts but I can't make them work.

When I print a note, the title of the note is also printed. I've tried

@media print {
/* css for printing */`
.exported-note-title {
display: none !important;

in the Appearance CSS but it doesn't seem to affect it. Am I misunderstanding that CSS snippet, or doing something wrong?

This is a note-rendering thing. Therefore, you need to customize userstyle.css to achieve this and not userchrome.css, which is for the appearance of the application itself.

This is in my userstyle.css file:

/* Remove the Joplin note title header */
.exported-note-title { display: none; }

If you just want to do it per note. Just add it to the top of whatever note you want this to apply:

/* Remove the Joplin note title header */
.exported-note-title { display: none; }

Thanks. I had done this by Tools - Options - Show Advanced - Custom Stylesheet for Rendered Markdown (which opens userstyle.css - and I did check the edit had made it ito that specific file) and yet it still displays the header when printing. Tried the various snippets that had appeared, including yours, stoped Joplin and closed from the taskbar.. but the header is still there?

Does the CSS work without the @media print media query?

Yes. All the CSS is applied that doesn't live within a @media stanza. For example, CSS within @media print { ... } just means that that CSS is only applied when rendering to a print target. @media screen { ... } has the same effect but only for rendering to a screen. Any CSS outside of these designators will apply to any targeted result.


If the css above is exactly how you have entered it into userstyle.css then the unneeded back-tick after the comment will "break" the css. Remove it and the css should work.


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Couldn't see why that was not working. It seemed to work for new notes. Turns out I had imported a couple of notebooks from Evernote (yep, jumping ship) as HTML. The CSS doesn't work in this case.

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