Another customized CSS for printing and PDF exporting

Just as there is a userstyle.css to customize the aspect of notes, could you make available another customized css, i.e. printstyle.css, to let aware users decide the aspect of printing and PDF exporting?
If there is no such file, all will work as always.

From Github it appears that @tessus has been working on this.

Remains to be seen if / when it appears in a release.

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Thanks. I didn’t notice it.

Yea, according to the discussion in the PR it’s rather unlikely it will be merged. Sorry guys.

I hope printstyle.css will be implemented. It’s up to aware users to set print-css right.


Thanks for trying. This was the only PR I had ever followed on Joplin's Github!

Same happens if I watch sport; the team I'm supporting always loses :slight_smile:

@dpoulton We are not going to dismiss this problem. The implementation might differ that’s all. Unfortunately I don’t have a timeline. But rest assured, you will be able to change the css for printing in the future.