Publish notes didn't render from the custom CSS

Hi there, I would like to publish my notes that the same as my rendered-md. Dose Joplin have any plan on it yet?

I don’t understand what it means, but if you want to publish your notes as an online website, maybe you can take a look at joplin-blog

I mean Joplin didn't use my CSS when I publish my note on the web. The CSS codes from userstyle.css is not working on the published notes. So, the note on the web and the note on my Joplin desktop are looks different.

This should be valid for the local client, a bit similar to a local configuration or plug-in

That is to be expected, the CSS files simply modify the html that is being displayed in Joplin. If you need it to match elsewhere will need the same CSS to modify the rendered html in the same way.
It would be good as a feature to allow a CSS to be 'attached' to a published note though.

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Ya, I'm looking forward to this feature.

Agree with that.