Support to dictionaries

Hi to all of you. I am starting using Joplin and first of all thanks for this incredible application.
I really like it and i want to start developing it. I am missing support to dictionaries. I want to start developing it.
I have a background in python and javascript but not too much in react. React native is completely new for me. I want to start with a desktop application.

Is it useful? Can somebody help me with, for example, where to start reading the code that is relevant for this task?

Thanks in advance.

On desktop it can’t be supported without changing the text editor. On mobile, I assume your keyboard should already fix spelling mistakes?

Yes, in mobile the keyboard should be enough. And what about desktop. Do you think that it is interesting? And could be possible to change the text editor?

Changing the text editor is a very big work actually, and probably not something you would want to start with.

Ok, so I will bring this in the backlog and try to start developing something easier.

What do you mean by dictionary ?


OK I see . Thank
You can have a look at
Joplin API - Python as a starting point for the project if you’d like to code something in python

I will try it but i suppose that this kind of feature should be embedded directly in the client and not through the API no?

Yes :wink:

I took the opportunity to talk about this project into the conversation as you spoke about your python skill.

hahaha ok, :slight_smile: