Are plug-ins creating too much gap between desktop and mobile?

I am surprised by how much attention plugins get especially since their benefits aren't shared with the mobile version of Joplin. Does anyone else see this as a growing concern?

I use the desktop way more than mobile, but I do depend on the mobile for some things.


Personally I only use the mobile app for reading and occasionally to create a new note. I gave up on editing existing notes. The react-native text input field just sucks.

However, a beta editor (CodeMirror) is now available on mobile that should increase usability by a lot.

At one point it came up, whether plugins will be supported on mobile in the future. I'm not entirely sure, if we ever reached a conclusion.

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Isnt it impossible to support plugins on mobile because App-Store regulations (at least on Apples case) do not allow for plugin systems like Joplins?

The Joplin desktop is super versatile and its a risk that the gap between mobile app and desktop app becomes even bigger. But I hope that the new Code Mirror editor will make the mobile app much better.

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I guess a way around that would be to "bake" the newly announced recommended plugins directly into the app - if compatible with the mobile version - and allow users a simple toggle, just like the codemirror plugins already available.
Plugins would obviously only be available on a new version build rather than on update which isn't ideal.

Technically the plugin system is designed to be platform independent so with a bit more work it could be compatible with the mobile app. There's definitely a lot to do on the mobile app, and getting the plugin system to work is not the highest priority at this point (improved design and UX and of course a proper text editor rank higher).


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