Support for Rclone?

Does anyone know if Joplin supports rclone as a sync server via WebDav? I'm having trouble getting Joplin to properly sync (mostly all 404 responses).

rclone is a client, not a server. If you have issues with rclone I think you should open an issue with them.

It seemed like they had a WebDav server option:

But maybe it's the wrong tool for the job. IDK, I'm just trying to find a reliable (and supported) WebDav server for Joplin.

In that case it is most likely still an rclone problem. We've tested Joplin with numerous WebDAV servers.

Some of them do not follow RFC or have bugs. Either way, without specific error messages we can't do anything. Mostly 404 responses is not a problem description. :slight_smile:

But I really suggest you contact the rclone devs with a proper error report.

Yeah, I was mostly just curious if anyone had success with it before I went down the rabbit hole. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, maybe you get lucky and someone has tried this before...

Just try

rclone serve webdav <path_to_server_directory> --addr <your_server_ip>:<port> --user <some_user> --pass <some_password>