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I'm trying to subscribe to Joplin Cloud. But when I go to the website, it says Chinese at the top. A translate to English prompt comes up. I translate back to English but when I go to subscription, it's in Chinese money units, not US. I don't see anywhere to fix it? How do I convert it back to dollars?

Make sure you're on the English version of the website! The URL for the subscription page should look like this:

It should look like this:

As Jopin SAS is based in France, the units should be in Euros (I'm not sure how to change them to dollars).

How do I do that? I don't see any settings for that. I copied and pasted your link and it still came as Chinese? Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I've never seen a website come up in a different language/country like this (especially with no option to change).

joplincloud dot com seems to be fine. But joplinapp dot org is the problem.

That's strange... Even if I set "Chinese (mainland china)" as my preferred language in settings (I'm testing in Firefox), I can't get to display in Chinese.

Does this persist on a different browser/device? (Or if you're using a VPN, without the VPN?)

It looks like the homepage has a Chinese Symbol that you can click.

Thank you for noticing that!
Clicking it and navigating to "Joplin Cloud" brings me to (as opposed to, which, for me, looks like this:

For me, the monetary units are still Euros, though. Clicking the subscribe button also brings me to an English version of the checkout page.

Do you mean that when you clicked on the "Joplin Cloud" you ended up on the Chinese website instead of English?

Or did you arrive in the Chinese page via a search engine?

The Chinese screenshot shows the currency as € which is the Euro not the Yuan (¥).

I don't think you can as I believe that the price was never shown in dollars. As @personalizedrefriger says, Joplin Cloud is based in France and subscriptions are priced in Euros.

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