Billing issue with Joplin cloud - overcharged on renewal. Who can I talk to?

I've been a happy joplin cloud pro account user over the past year

Today my pro plan was renewing but I have been charged 94.23€ instead of the 57.48€ that I can see on my joplin cloud subscription page

Can someone please help with this issue?


Rather than wait for someone from Joplin to see your post it may be better to contact support for Joplin Cloud directly by email.


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Thanks a lot for your answer. Hadn't seen that support email anywhere, will get in touch

Yup. That email address seems to be posted in only two places:

  1. on the website buried in the private policy page
  2. on the marketing material on the page when you click on the "contact us" link

So, yeah. Laurent and crew. Need to make that support email a bit more prominent.


Unfortunately if we publish this email 99.99% of emails are support requests or feature requests unrelated to Joplin Cloud, or request to cancel the account (which I don't do over email for security easons), or request to delete the data per GDPR, which we already do automatically.

The best place for contact is the forum as if it's something that's really related to Joplin Cloud (such as this particular request), I can contact the person by PM.

I understand that's sometimes you might want to be in contact with an actual person but we'd have to charge a lot more to provide the level of support that would be needed, and the truth is it's not necessary because you can already get support here or on Discord.

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