Stupid first sync mistake, need help cleaning up

I have Joplin Desktop running fine on Apple M1. about 5,000 notes.
I created a webdav share on the home truenas as a sync for the Mac and then the iPhone.

So first I copied the entire content of .config/joplin-desktop to the dir on the webdav dataset.
Then I connected Joplin Desktop to the webdav, successfully, and the sync started.

Monitoring I quickly realized I did something wrong.
It deleted 701 items and created 15,959 .md files, on the root of the webdav directory target. Then fetched 15,963 items.
I ended up with some things that are supposed to be there and some not.
After that first sync, it seems to work properly but I need to do some cleanup on the webdav.

I have a tmp and a temp folders.
I suppose the tmp comes from .config and I get rid of it on the webdav
I keep the temp.

cache also can be deleted from webdav?
plugin-data, plugins can be deleted also from webdav?
log.txt also ?
settings.json also?

locks, info.json I suppose I keep as they were not on the webdav before the sync

ressources, I am not sure. I suppose I leave it?

the database.sqlite ? I suppose I leave it?

bit of a mess... Thanks for the help.

The iPhone connected successfully to the webdav, I have now the M1 and the iPhone in sync on the local network. By the way the first sync on the iPhone was two-way. The welcome notebook that I deleted from the desktop was added back after the iPhone sync. Created 9 remote items during the sync that came back to the desktop.

Awesome. some cleanup is all what's needed, please.

You can see here what's required:

And everything else can be deleted. Make sure you keep info.json though

superb. Thanks!

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