Local WebDav (on Mac) Sync Joplin on Mac app with Joplin on iPad/iPhone (on demand)

I have a large note base that changes infrequently and don’t want to pay for cloud storage (Dropbox, etc), thus started looking into the Local WebDav (on Mac) Sync of Joplin on Mac app with Joplin on iPad/iPhone (on demand).

I posted this previously and @tessus recommended to use Docker image of bytemark/webdav

I did not try this option yet, and was exploring on my own and run into problems that perhaps you can help to solve.

First potential solution is to use wfsctl command in mac terminal.

Here is my progress so far:

(substitute $USERNAME with your username)

  1. sudo mkdir /Users/$USERNAME/Library/WebServer/joplin
  2. sudo chown $USERNAME:staff /Users/$USERNAME/Library/WebServer/joplin
  3. sudo wfsctl share /Users/$USERNAME/Library/WebServer/joplin
  4. sudo wfsctl start

After that I use webdav in Joplin synch configuration, point to a local mac address: and provided my mac's username and password.

I also had to check "Ignore TLS certificate errors" for it to work

Clicking on "Check synchronization configuration" gives me "Success! Synchronisation configuration appears to be correct."

However when I click on synchronize button, I get an error:

Completed: 03/11/2020 10:16
Last error: Error: href /joplin/locks/ not in baseUrl nor relativeBaseUrl /webdav/joplin

When I try to use the same on iphone, the error is "Network request failed" - please check that URL, username and password, etc are correct...

Another potential solution is a WebDavNav Server - a free app one can download from the app store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/webdavnav-server/id747482894?mt=12

Setting up webdav on it is very straightforward and I have no problem to connect to share outside joplin. Interestingly I get exactly the same error when I use this app webnav setup (Last error: Error: href /joplin/locks/ not in baseUrl nor relativeBaseUrl /webdav/joplin)

It appears that I need to setup a relativeBaseUrl to fix it.
Do you know how?

I thought you needed something to quickly test WebDAV. For that I have suggested Docker.

For a permanent solution I'd setup Apache and WebDAV myself. However, others feel perfectly comfortable running production services with Docker. It many cases it even makes sense.
I'm just a bit old school.