Stuck with the rich text editor

Hello there,

This should be a silly issue but I cannot exit the Rich text editor. I do prefer writing my notes as Markdown. But, without noticing it, I am now with the Rich text editor (I can see the bottom warning message) for all notes. I switched the preview/editor mode a lot of time but was not able to get the Markdown editor again.
I'm using the macOs theme plugin and tried to disable it. But this change nothing.

How can I get back to the markdown editor ?


  • Os: MacOS
  • Version: Joplin for Desktop 2.7.15 (prod, darwin)
  • Sync Version: 3
  • Profile Version: 41
  • Revision: 8352e23
  • Plugins: macOS theme v1.3.3

From the command palette (cmd + shift + p) you can use the "toggleEditors" command. Does that work?

No. It switch from the Rich editor to the preview (read only) and back.

Preview is the markdown editor, you just need to swap the layout back to editor or dual pane mode (View > Toggle editor layout) or cmd + L.

Indeed.. thanks for your help.

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