Feature Request: Sticky Note in each Notebook

Sorting notes by Updated date is the default and it is very handy.

One small feature I would like to see if sticky notes. The ability to keep a note at the top of the notebook always.

In each category I have one general note, one scratchpad or unorganized list I wish to access quickly. Right now I add a + character to the title so I can see it easily however I would like the ability to keep sticky notes at the top of each notebook.


If you make a note a to-do it will stay at the top of your note list.

That’s just a short solution, ultimately it would be nice to be able to pin notes inside and outside of notebooks. I might look into doing this if no one beats me to it.


I will try this work around in the meantime, thank you this is a good suggestion!

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I think this would be a great feature. This is something I miss in many note apps and would be happy to see this in joplin.

I second bsoutherns process of having "one general note" in each notebook. This note works for me like a cover page, or sometimes as an index. I also add a certain first character as workaround. However, depending on the current sort order (which I change regularly) This note can be sorted away, although I would like this to be the first note in the notebook.
Especially, as the first note in the notebook is the one joplin displays immediately, when a notebook is chosen (opened).

Another way to look at this, could be that a notebook is also a note only with other notes hierarchically attached to it. But I think this concept is too complicated.

I understand, that others have discussed favorites and starred notes etc. but this feature, sticky notes per notebook, can be easily implemented and would be a great help.

A first step could be to implement such "sticky" notes, that always sort on top, just like todo notes do currently.

If I had one sticky note in each notebook, Joplin would then already open this note everytime the notebook is opened. Therefore, this particular note could be seen as a representation or cover page for the notebook, independent from the current sort order.

This feature would also not break any current workflows, as there is no need to use it.

It should probably be possible to mark several notes as "sticky", which then have to be sorted again... Maybe the sort order of the sticky notes needs to be set independently from the sort order of normal notes... However, this would be a second step.

How can I find someone to implement this for me :smiley:

I'd prefer just an option to pin notes not just pin one note and pinned notes would be sorted alphabetically

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