Preventing Joplin from automatically opening top notebook when browsing between notebooks

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I've noticed that whenever I navigate to or click on a new notebook within Joplin, the application automatically opens the top note in that notebook. While I understand this might be the intended behavior for many users, I am looking to adjust this so that no note is automatically opened unless I explicitly click on it. I prefer to have control over which notes are opened during my navigation through different notebooks.

Is there a way to modify this behavior within Joplin's current settings or through a plugin? Any advice or guidance on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.


I've also found this behaviour annoying. It seems logical to me that a note should only open when I select it.


I usually use the first note (normally called "--Index") as, wait for it . . . an index type of note. With Jack Gruber's Note Overview, the moment I open a notebook I get a listing of what the notebook is all about.

If this were to change it should probably be yet another "option" (number 400,001) so people like me can keep their index notes and others can keep their privacy. It is an over-the-shoulder privacy issue we're talking about isn't it?

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It's not the first note that gets opened by default, it's the most recently opened one. With mine that is generally the first note which is why it is used as an index of sorts. Provides a quick glimpse of what each note is about so I can see what title to use for something similar. I collate by title rather than date so I try to keep similar subjects together.

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Honestly for me it's a "I didn't tell you to do that" thing. Like, I don't expect to see a note open when I change to a different notebook. I realize it's not a major issue.


Hi, thanks for the responses. I definitely have the privacy + "over the shoulder concern" -- i.e. if you're in a meeting with someone and digging through a folder tree to pull up a file, it's risky for other files to be automatically opened.

And similarly with whitewall, it seems like an unnecessary extra behavior -- i.e. "I didn't tell you to do that thing" and leads to clutter if you have multi-tab support.

I wonder if there's already a deeply embedded option for this? Or if this would be an easy enough option to implement?

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