Start editing at the top in mobile app (feature suggestion)

As an ex evernote user, I think it can be interesting in the mobile app to be able to set the starting cursor by default at the top when editing instead of always starting at the bottom.

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Ideally it should restore the previous cursor position I guess?

In my case, I think I would still prefer to start at the top. E.g.: I have different sections in the same note so I write in different places randomly according to my needs. If it starts from the top/bottom, it is easier for us to find the section we are looking by scrolling (if we are in the middle, we might not know if we have to go up or down).

I prefer it to start from the top because it feels more “natural” to me than from the bottom. E.g.: Joplin desktop, tipically text editing programs and evernote start from the top.

for Joplin desktop, it is no more the case since some days/week, but from the position cursor that was stored before leaving it like laurent said

In my tests, in Joplin for Windows 1.0.125, when I open a note it starts with the scroll bar set at the top and the cursor it’s placed where I set it with the mouse (despite I edited it in the middle beforehand).

In any case, I just wanted to add this suggestion in case there are more people that could be interested (probably users like me that are new to Joplin and are used to other programs). I can get used to start with the cursor at the bottom.

If this change would be implemented, I would suggest to add it as a preference in general options.

I can see that details:

in the last pre-release:

  • New: Restore scroll position when switching notes

And an issue like this one could go in the other way you want that it takes

Thank you foxmask, I added my comments in that GitHub thread as well :+1:

This would be my preference. I want to start editing where I left off. This should be the default, but this doesn’t mean that there can’t be a setting that ignores this and starts editing at the bottom/top (depending on the setting).

I would love to have that option. It would be even better to open a note for editing where you clicked in the read mode just before the edit.

A simple shortcut or option in the menu to get quickly to the top?

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What about something similar to the scroll-to-top flag that pops up on endless/ infinite scroll blogs?

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Hi, having that feature in the iOS app would be nice. Thanks, rw