Android version: moving arround is extremely difficult for a long note!

Dear Joplin Team:

Moving around a long note in android version of Joplin has no problem, it's very easy and quick,

You want to edit the first line of a long note, when you click on the edit icon, you will be put at the end of the note, then you will need move up,
but... very very slow,
and just climbing up a very mountain, very difficult!

so, are there any plan to improve this?

Thanks for any kinds of help!

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Someone suggested to have an option to put edit cursor at the top

however this will create the same problem if you actually want to edit at the end of the long note

a better solution is to put the cursor in where you are looking at .

however, the root problem is the difficulty in moving around in a long note, so hope that this problem could be solved.

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I believe the best solution for this problem consists of two new features:

  1. Put a redacting pointer at the same place where your note was in a moment of pressing the Edit button.
  2. Add the function of creating Content in the note (how Markor from Android does). So if a user has a long note, they can open a note in the beginning, press the item in a Contents and be relocated to a needed place. After that, press the Edit button.

Is the beta editor any better for scrolling? New beta editor for the mobile app

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