Configurable default cursor positioning on note open

There are multiple discussions around the issue of cursor placement when opening a note, and I think some people consider certain behaviors a flaw while others consider the same behaviors a feature.

As I can see it, there are three reasonable behaviors which could be defaulted to:

  1. Cursor starts at last known point from a previous session
  2. Cursor starts at top of document
  3. Cursor starts at bottom of document

I'm hoping there's no need to debate which of these is best...even for me personally, my preferences here vary on use case: if I'm writing drafts in an append-only style, I'll want option number 3, whereas if I'm editing I'll want one of the first two options. So, can we make this a configurable option?

Ideally, this would be configured on a per-note or per-notebook basis, but I think even an app-wide setting would be better than nothing.

Here are some context links for background on this issue: