Spreadsheet type?

Is there any way to create notes with spreadsheet type?

I would suggest it if not.

Can you please describe the feature you have in mind in a bit more detail?

Basically, instead of text/markup, the entire note would be a calc sheet, simple as that.

Please correct me of I haven’t understood your query, but Joplin is for notes, spreadsheets are not notes. If you want to use a spreadsheet, there are excellent software choices available for that, some including Libre, OpenOffice and Google Sheets being free.


I think a note can be anything. video note, sound note, calc sheet, image, …

Well, then you can open an issue on Github about it and then it will be processed better.
Please don’t follow this advice. Instead follow what has been said by here

But as Joplin is a text/markdown note-taking app it would seem that this would be a tad out of scope.

Yes and you can attach any of those to a markdown-based note.

Please don't open a feature request on GitHub. GitHub is actually being used just for bugs. Feature requests get discussed on this forum first, just like this one is being discussed.


Precisely. Almost anything can be in a note, not almost anything is a note.

you can always link a spreadsheet file and open it in joplin

Nope, bad idea. It will be ignored. Feature requests MUST be discussed on the forum. Only accepted feature requests can be opened on github.

I think the possibility to create a Table can be quite a powerful tool!

Refering to notion.so with tables thoughts, things, contact etc can be organized, sorted etc…

Table can also get Input via formulars (e.g. googleform etc)

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