How many people is interested in the possibility to make a note which is a spreadsheet?

Personally I use spreadsheets very often to organize things, and having each time to create a calc file supports my natural leaning towards disorder.
Also libreoffice Calc (or Excel or whatever you usually use) is a very powerful, heavy, and slow software. In my files if I use the sum function is already a lot of complexity. In synthesis what I would love would be a lightweight version of a spreadsheet software integrated in Joplin.
What do you guys think?

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I'm not sure what the download statistics are, but people seem to like it!


There is also a plugin that can support calculations straight from a markdown table: GitHub - oswida/joplin-markdown-calc: Joplin plugin for markdown table calculations


but why has it always to be a plugin and not official features?

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I'm not a dev, but as I understand, only features that are needed by a majority of users are put into the main app. Othewise it gets bloated and complicated.

What I have noticed on the fourm is that there are such an incredible number of ways that people use Joplin, and everyone things that their way is the main way :grin::rofl:

There is nothing wrong with plugins. From a development standpoint they make a lot of sense. And as far as I know, there is no performance issue by using them.

What is the problem you see with having this feature be a plugin?


You are right, I'll try some plugins and I'll be back with feedback!

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I believe this makes more sense as a plugin, as whitewall wrote.
But I see why you are asking this. Actually, the plugins in Joplin do not feel so native: it's an extra sidebar that also does not exist on mobile, so it's not super convenient. I hope that with time, we can change this to become better!
Support for mobile is already on the roadmap it seems as makb wrote.

So for now, free to try the joplin-sheets plugin, I heard it's useful :sweat_smile:

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I also think there should be official note taking software. Who doesn't have it, whether it's OneNote, Evernote, nation or others.

wait, what do you mean?