Is there a way to create tables?

I attempted to copy-and-paste a section of table over from an Evernote reference page I use and Joplin didn't recognise it as a table. I don't see a way to insert a table...

I'm a new user, so I may be missing something I should see....

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Joplin uses the markdown format for notes. You can see how to add tables here.

Alternatively you can switch to the WYSIWYG editor which is more similar to Evernote. The toggle button is in the top right, I'm on mobile so I can't share what it looks like. It can also be found in the top menu, under view i think.

Let me know if you can't find it and I'll send a screenshot when i get the chance.

Using the Wysiwyg mode:

joplin tables


Very helpful. I've tried it copying part of a table out of Evernote and it works well. Thank you.

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So, I tried to copy from a spreadsheet and paste into the WYSIWYG editor and it pasted as an image. ???

I was expecting the behaviour to be like if I paste into a discourse post. It automatically converts to markdown. Is this possible? Right now I have to use a website that helps generate markdown tables.

@IanGreig Not sure what Evernote format is, but I use to convert LibreOffice Calc data to Markdown format.

I know there is too:

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