Feature Request: Text note type


I am wondering if the devs have any plans for supporting other note types beside .md. You might say well just use the edit mode for text nodes. Sure that is an idea but the edit mode is a global thing and it does not work well in mixed note types. This idea could have worked if Joplin remembered the edit/view mode per note. The user can then enable edit mode for one note (pretending that it is a text note) and view node for .md types.

I personally think that .md is not the best format for quick note taking and definetely not good for outlining methods. I like .md for being able to include images and web clippings, however when it comes to brainstorming ideas, it is not well suited mostly becasu of lack of proper indents and some other basic text concepts which are sacrificed along to format .md properly.

In any case, it would be nice Joplin supports simple .txt note. When a user clicks on the .txt type the page opens in edit mode automatically even if it was in viewer mode previously.