Spacing between lines, bullets, indenting

Windows 10 / WYSIWYG / v2.3.5.
I'm trying to migrate over from OneNote.

  • Is there a way to indent and create a pseudo-hierachy of pages in Joplin like you can in OneNote?
  • How can I adjust line spacing? I've been keeping notes in Notepad++ which uses little space between lines. Joplin seems to use a more HTML style spacing convention with a huge line space for Enter (carriage return) and more normal spacing for SHIFT+ENTER. I'd like to keep all spacing as compact as possible.
  • Is there a way to create nested bullets or nested numbering?
  • Under fonts, I typed in a font name such as Tahoma or Verdna but it seems to keep using Arial. Did I do something wrong?
  • Is there a GUI method of changing the highlight coloring?


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