Mix of questions

Version: Joplin 2.5.10 (prod, win32)
I'm an avid notetaker that's been using one note for many years. Decided to give Joplin a go. Appreciate if people can help me answer some questions.

  1. Page Layout
    I've used this layout for some time. Thoughts on the left and daily goals/to on the right. Can this be replicated in Joplin? I've experimented a little and it seems the only way is by using a two column table without borders?

  2. Line spacing for bullet points
    I'm not allowed to have more images...
    Can the spacing be changed? The gap is far too large


  • List item
  1. Can we use templates?
    I'd use that that format daily. A saved template would be amazing.

Thanks all

Joplin uses a single page layout more akin to Evernote etc. rather than the freeform page style that OneNote allows for. There might be a combination of plugins you could use like Agenda or the TOC sidebars but currently you can't have two text areas side by side unless you implement some fancy CSS or HTML.

In which editor? You can modify a lot of the markdown editor appearance with CSS, not so much with the richtext editor.

There is a templates plugin which can help with that.

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