Changing line spacing via CSS

Joplin 2.10.17
Also using the macOS Theme Plug-in v1.3.13 - which may be relevant!

New Joplin user and loving it, thanks.

On the desktop version I often create one-line lists:

Example One
Another Line
Something Else

Joplin formats these as (I think) new paragraphs so the spacing between the lines is more than I like. Am I correct in thinking I can change this in a CSS file? If so where can I get a clue, where's the current CSS for me to see what I need to change?

As I'm using macOS Theme, perhaps this will have no effect and I should be changing a different CSS?

I'm not using Markdown by the way.

Thanks for any clue and pointers.

Try pressing Shift+Enter instead of just Enter when adding a new line to such a block.

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Thanks, that works for me!

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It does work, but there is a caveat.
I have frequently seen cases (in the wysiwyg editor) that after some time (in which many things happen) the tighter line spacing is gone and you're back to square one. How this happens I cannot tell, but on long lists it can be very annoying.

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