Space between lines

This is a line and when I press enter it adds a space, the opposite happens to using Word.

When you press enter in Word it doesn't act like a new paragraph.
That is to say that when I press enter in word, normally there is no space between paragraphs as now with the previous paragraph.


Is there any way that you don't have to press SHIFT by default with some plugin? It is very annoying, are you used to this abnormal behavior in front of Word, Pages, Bear, Evernote, WordPad ...?

The main reason is that it is needed to maintain 'proper' markdown support.
I posted a sort of explanation of it here Rich Text Editor Press "Enter" get two carriage returns - #3 by Daeraxa

To me it would make sense, if possible, that the soft breaks markdown mode should also alter the default break behaviour.

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