Sort order and letters with diacritics

A series of notes in French with the titles année, escargot, zoologie will be sorted by Joplin in that order. But if I add a note with the title écriture, it will be placed, not between année and escargot where it should be, but after zoologie. The same is true for German (u comes between t and v, but ü comes after z), polytonic Greek (α comes at the beginning of the alphabet, but ἀ comes after ω), and Latin (a is in the right place, but ā comes after z). If the letter has an accent or other diacritic sign, it's apparently not being recognized as the same letter. I'm just starting out with Joplin, but I'd like to use it to keep vocabulary and grammatical notes in the languages I work on or in. This problem with sorting in alphabetical order will make that more difficult. Is this something with a more or less feasible solution?

This is Joplin 1.3.18 on MacOS 10.15.7.

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I support this request.
I think that Joplin should consider diacritics when classifying notebooks and tags.
Currently, words beginning with an accented letter are relegated to the end of the list, which is not correct.


Windows 10 (2004) - Joplin Portable version
Joplin 1.4.18 (prod, win32)

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