Sorting by most-recent edits doesn't seem to be working as expected

Noticed that when sorting All Notes by ‘Updated Date’ in Reverse Sort Order, the tagged notes show up first in order, followed by the untagged notes.

This behavior is confusing, not least because there are no indicators of which tags are applied to a given note (in my case, the name of the tag starts with ‘a’, which may be why it’s first?).

The behavior I would expect is that, when sorting by ‘Updated Date’ in Reverse Sort Order, the most recently updated notes, irrespective of their tags, are shown at the top of the list.

NI’m on Joplin 1.0.233 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 4fd34135595f41a180ec55aff134e4d9
Sync Version: 1
Profile Version: 32
Keychain Supported: No

Revision: e63eee89 (master)

Using the portable version.

Windows 10 1803 build 17134.1610

Is it possible that the tagged notes are also Todo notes? Because those do show up before other notes irrespective of sort order.

Thank you wonderful people for this feature!!!! It's in the 1.2.2 beta.

Thursday, October 08 2020 -- 21-07 pm 06s