Some problems encountered when using the mobile markdown editor (beta)

When using list options and checkbox options on my computer, if I want to cancel, I can do it with a single click of "enter".

When I use the mobile terminal, if I want to cancel the above operation, I have to click "Enter" twice to do so, so that there is an extra blank line, and I have to delete it, which affects the layout feeling of the editing area. , although I know that doesn't affect the final result.

I have recorded android and windows screen videos for your reference.

My native language is not English, this review is generated by translation software, sorry for any grammatical errors.

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Note: This behaviour change is a result of updating to CodeMirror 6 — this particular keyboard shortcut is built-in.

Here's why I think they made the change.

In the screen recording above, notice that

1. Test 1
2. Test 2
3. Test 3
1. Test1

renders as

As such, the blank line is needed to mark the 1. as part of a new list.

Additionally, if the extra blank line is not deleted,

the text on the line just after the list (Test 4 above) is included within the last item of the list!

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Thank you for reporting this — it looks like other people find this behavior confusing!

(I agree that it would be nice if the extra blank weren't needed :slight_smile: )

:heart:Thanks, I see now, this seems like an advantage, after all mobile is not a double column.

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