Mobile editor: Continue Checklist with checkbox

Currently, on Android if one presses enter inside a list with checkboxes, it only inserts a "- " in front, so only creates a new list entry. It would be great if it instead would insert "- " as it does on desktop.

Thank you!

Have you tried the beta editor on the latest release?

Testing on mine, without the beta editor enabled on Android it simply adds a linebreak, if you do it from a todo list. Enabling beta editor, it will insert a "- " automatically after a linebreak, but it does not add a so this has to be done manually. On desktop it will automatically add "- " when you linebreak in a todo list. :slight_smile:

Which version?

(Edit: Server version: 2.10.5)

It isn't in 2.8, it is in 2.9:

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Can confirm with the 2.9.8 pre-release it works perfectly.