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Feature Request: List continuation on mobile


I’ve seen the thread requesting markdown buttons on mobile, where space constraints are noted as a challenge.

Without that, it would be a huge help if the mobile app could at least have the some list continuations that the desktops apps have (e.g. hit enter on a - [ ] line and get a new line starting with the same

Are there any particular challenges to doing that in a mobile context?


Last time I tried the text area component was quite buggy which prevented this behaviour as well as the toolbar from working. I think there’s a branch with all this on GitHub. Since then, maybe now the component is less buggy and the toolbar would work, I’d need to check.


Awesome thanks, FWIW if it’s the toolbar that’s problematic, I think the continuation at least would be really clutch on its own

Personally I’d rather just type markdown anyway than have another toolbar on the screen…the keyboard already has all the buttons! It’s just excessive how many keyboard clicks it takes to get through - [ ] on every line