Some ideas for joplin peripheral tools

Improve the developer experience with the joplin plugin

  • [ ] Type definition errors
  • [ ] Some type definitions are not exported
  • [ ] No better high level cli -- @thejohnfreeman/joplin-plugin Some improvements
    • [ ] Generate base project
    • [ ] encapsulate high level commands, but also support plugins and configurations
  • [ ] No automatic migration tool to migrate from the existing project format to the new project format
  • [ ] data api too flexible api is not a good experience in practice

Write a git-based joplin plugin for automatic backups


  • Reduce hard drive growth for constant full backups of jex
  • Meaningful history viewing and comparison
  • Solve the problem of jex regenerating ids

Why not joplin-plugin-backup: it's based on jex, which is a compressed format and doesn't work Compare the differences between the two versions


  • Implement the joplin full export and import plugin
    • [ ] Complete export of notes, tags, directories, and attachments
    • [ ] Import exported content back intact (including invisible fields such as id, and handle and alert if they conflict)
  • Technologies
    • [ ] rollup to pack the worker_threads plugin -- not handling this will jam the program during CPU-intensive operations
    • [ ] relies on the above improve developer experience with joplin plugin

Batch processing

currently doing, referenced in joplin-batch-web

  • [ ] Check if there are attached resources that are not referenced
  • [ ] Check for the existence of notes without a parent directory (usually an error)
  • [ ] Check for the existence of referenced attachment resources that do not exist


Display joplin data as a graph

Made a little attempt, then gave up, it's a low frequency operation, ref: joplin-charts


Notes recycle bin

Made a very basic prototype, then gave up and made it in joplin-plugin-recycle-bin can be viewed

  • Put deleted notes in the recycle bin -- currently the joplin plugin api doesn't seem to have an event like onDeleteNote, so only a new command can be added: safe delete
  • Provide a display page for the recycle bin
    • Support for restoring from the recycle bin


Since I don't use the joplin ui, I won't try to implement this one


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