I have integrated the documentation of the joplin peripheral tools I have created into a website


So far, I have created some joplin tools, in the foreseeable future, there may be more (currently I am trying to use plugin api to create plugins, I will at least create joplin-plugin-api/joplin-plugin-template /joplin-cli These basic tools are used to assist development). But the problem now is that although multiple tools are maintained in a github monorepo, the documentation and release locations are not. For example, there are now VSCode plug-in stores, NPM, Chrome App Store, online websites, etc., but they are almost impossible to find any connection, so I merged the document website into one to make it easier to find related things.

In addition, there are still many documents that need to be added, especially the English version. I am basically at a level that is readable but not writable, but the effect of machine translation can only be said to be average. . . If someone is willing to help, that's best


I'm willing to help if you want, native English speaker to the point where I'm embarrassingly monolingual (thanks education system). Obviously not translation (not sure if that is what you are asking for or not), would need either direction on what you want or a document to edit.


I created a document optimization issue: https://github.com/rxliuli/joplin-utils/issues/9

Sorry, I have to go to bed first, and tomorrow I will add a document on how to contribute to the document

I have added a document on how to participate in adding and modifying documents. Maybe you can try to translate this first to understand the basic operation steps. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.


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He he he: you don't need to speak other languages, you speak english😋