[SOLVED] Which one is faster one big text file or many small text files?

In my case I use Joplin backed on Microsoft OneDrive. And I would like to unify my personal notes among 2 Android devices and a Linux desktop. Which one would be faster: many small (daily) files? Or larger (monthly) files? Faster in all senses, both as open, write and index times.

Small daily notes would be more efficient and probably faster since there will be less to sync.

Thank you Laurent.

Great software by the way.

You are the perfect person to ask: can Joplin handle a few (5) thousand plain text files or it will have issues with the index?

He mentioned in this other thread that he has about that many notes and no problems.


Thank you zblesk!

Just the answer I was looking for. And than some more: the folder is the unit. So moving to a second folder resets the issue. Good to know.

I guess the thread can be closed as solved.

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