How performant is Joplin?


I am looking into Evernote alternatives and really liking Joplin. However, I would like to know how performant it is before making any serious commitments.

How would it work with many notes on a weak machine (i5 / 8gb ram)? What if it would have like 10k notes? Sometimes I create like 100 or 200 notes on a single day in Evernote. Would it work with Joplin?


Hard to tell but in my case I have about 5000 notes and it works fine both on desktop and mobile. When a folder starts having too many notes I archive them by moving to another folder and then there’s no issue. I would expect 10K+ notes would work fine too but I’ve never tried.

The best way might be to try to import everything into it and see how it behaves. If you notice any performance issue, feel free to report it here.

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For me, the start time is too slow on older/cheaper hardware (Intel Core 2 Duo 1800 MHz), especially on Android (~ 30 sec.) (Wiko Robby, Android 6). On fast hardware (AMD Ryzen 5, 1600, 6 cores), Joplin starts in under 5 seconds.

Once loaded, the access to files is no problem with this ammount of notes:


I have a similar Core2 Duo 1.86GHz and 6GB ram, running Linux. Initial startup of Joplin is 5 seconds. After that, I keep it running permanently in the system tray so access is instantaneous.

I'm at 117 total (with pictures in most of them), and don't have any issues running Joplin on an iPhone 5S ( ~10s to start on such an old phone).... or on my i7 workstation (takes ~3s). :smiley:

Hope this helps.

Joplin seems to work really well on my super cheap phone running Android 5.1. I don't have lots of notes in it yet so I can't say anything about that. Just takes a few seconds to start, syncing to/from Dropbox. Oh and I'm running the desktop version on a 6 year old laptop. Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz, 2401 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
It's got 8 GB ram. I guess I should add that it runs really nicely there too. :slight_smile:

Huh. Seems I’m the only one for whom the android app is really laggy and slow? Weird.

I think it might depend on whether E2EE is enabled or not, and how many items there are to synchronise. It’s sometimes laggy for me too during sync.

I saw there have been a few native encryption lib on React Native recently so I might switch to them at some point for better performance.

@laurent The android app is laggy and slow when there are many tags. It seems to me that it needs much time to update the tag list.

Suggestions to solve this problem:

  • show only tags for selected (sub-)notebook and it’s sub-notebooks (preferred)
  • show tags hierarchically like notebooks (eg. “.” as delimiter in tag-name)
  • show tags on demand (eg. as filter dialog)

@o10383356, how many tags do you have?

Currently there are about 350 tags. And I’m using Joplin since a few weeks. So there will be more tags coming. The tags are grouped in categories (in german):

  • Ereignis e (eg. e.bundestagswahl.2017)
  • Geografikum g (eg. )
  • Organisation o (eg. o.dpa)
  • Person p (eg. p.mandela-nelson)
  • Sachbegriff s (eg. s.wasser)
  • Werk w (eg. w.sueddeutsche-de)

A note has tags from all previous mentioned categories.

By the way: It would be nice to filter notes by selecting multiple tags with “AND”!

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