[Solved] [Linux] WebClipper saving the URL as well

I just discovered the WebClipper on Linux. Wonderful tool. But is there a way to save the selection AND the URL at the same time? The way I do it right now implies two notes that I have to manually merge afterwards.

It is. Click on the Info button in the toolbar.

This one —> image


I have Connection / Content Blocking / Permissions in the menu.

I don’t seem to have a configuration menu for the extension.

I did not mention: I run the latest stable Firefox.

I was talking about the toolbar in the Joplin desktop application.

lol I saved the same question a while ago. Maybe this knowledge could be added to the joplin starter guide?

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You can add the information to the docs and create a PR, if you like.

IMO this should be clear. What else would metadata information or information about a note display? But when I think about it, maybe a menu item in the context menu or the View menu (or both) would be nice. I think it would make sense to add it to the context menu when right-clicking the note.

@laurent what do you think? Would you like an Info, Show info, or Display info menu item in the context menu?

@laurent just wanted to follow up about the context menu item.

Do you think it makes sense to add an Info , Show info , or Display info menu item to the context menu?

Yes it would be useful but we need to check if the info popup can be displayed in isolation of if the note needs to be currently loaded in the editor for it to work.

To help discoverability the item should be called Properties on Windows and I think Show Info on macOS (basically whatever term Finder is using)?

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Is it possible to have something more obvious on the Android port?

On the desktop there is the small popup with all the data, including the URL. In the Android app there is only a “Go to Source URL”. I would like to see it, even edit it.

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