[SOLVED] Linux: Fatal error: unknown table: settings

Installed Joplin using the wget script as per protocol. I have another Solus system where the same Joplin version works perfectly. Tried deleting ~/.joplin and reinstalling and rebooting several times. When I try to open the application, I get the same fatal error every time, see screenshot.

  • The version you are using.

  • The operating system you are using.
    GNU/Linux; Solus Fortitude 4.1 Mate Edition


There might be useful info in your log files. Is this a new installation or upgrade?

It is a new install. The issue solved itself after I deleted ~/.config/joplin-desktop and ~/.config/Joplin as well as ~/.joplin and reinstalling. The log file only had timestamps and the message “Profile directory: ~/.config/joplin-desktop” after them. The time stamps seemed to correspond to all times I had tried to run the application and gotten the fatal error.