[SOLVED] How can one migrate the data from one provider to another?

Say I store my data on DropBox and I want to move to OneDrive. How do I do it as painless as possible?

Normally you can simply switch the sync target to OneDrive, login and it should work. It’s going to copy all your notes to OneDrive when you sync.

As usual, it’s better to make a backup of your notes before doing this. To do so, export everything to a .JEX file.

Shouldn’t they turn off Sync first? Won’t it wipe all their notes when they just switch to an empty sync target?

No, the app handles multiple sync targets fine. The only exception is with the WebDAV path, which is why there’s a warning for this property on the config screen, but no warning when changing the sync target.

Excellent! Thank you for your quick reply and also the good news.