[solved ] Deploy joplin on multiple devices (again)


I'm trying again to use joplin and I need to synchronize on 3 devices. I started from scratch importing all notes 5importing a jex file). I then configured webdav synchonization. My network connection unfortunatly stopped during synchronization. I did select synchronization in FIle menu and it gave me the following message:

Created remote items: 2166.

It seems that cancelling appeared at that time but I'm not shure. Does the synchronization option is a tooggle that enable/disable synchronization?

I'm lost again. I know I use pcloud and it has some problem but it's what I have available for the moment.

I did sync in a subdirectory called joplin that was initially empty. It stopped at 2166 synchronized of 11563 notes.

  • version: joplin 1.5.14
  • I use archlinux.
    IN order to provide a log, I guesse I should start everything from scratch as exiting joplin during first synchronization has been said to be a bad idea.

I did another try on my desktop with version 1.8.5 without letting the computer suspend etc..., and it seems it went fine. 12566 objects synchronized in a few hours and then they started beeing uploaded. Later I see that it was said to be finalized.

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