SmartyPants plugin

Will Joplin support the SmartyPants plugin, for smart quotes (‘ ’ and “ ”)?

There’s no markdown-it module for smartypants, thus I doubt it. Also, so-called smart-quotes are the worst thing ever. This is just a personal opinion but if we used an option I wouldn’t care. Activating it by default and not being able to turn it off would be a real problem. But I guess everyone who ever pasted a command that didn’t work and tried to figure out why understands what I’m talking about.

While I agree with you, Tessus, and would never turn such a plugin on myself, let's not forget most people never ever need to paste a command. Unless they're in the process of falling for malware. :smiley:

But if that plugin doesn't exist for markdown-it, I guess it's a moot point anyway.

I agree with zblesk. I don’t use Joplin to paste commands anywhere; I use it to write notes in a form that is pleasing to the eye and export them to other text editors. I only saw this SmartyPants plugin in an online Markdown editor (StackEdit) and thought it could be a good idea.
But, as zblesk said, it’s a moot point indeed, if this plugin doesn’t exist for markdown-it.

I think you misunderstood.

In my notes I have commands that I wrote myself. But the smarty-pants plugin would render straight quotes as typographical ones, and as soon as I copy them from the preview area and paste them in my terminal, I’m screwed.

But hey, maybe someone creates a smarty-pants markdown-it plugin in the future, in which case it would probably be easy to add it.

It would be easy to copy commands from the editor area, in that case, or to disable the plugin if you use Joplin mainly for storing commands. Many people don’t use Joplin for that purpose, though; as for me, when I have to store my own commands I use a simple txt file.

You’re still not getting it. In my first reply I said: Activating it by default and not being able to turn it off would be a real problem.
So my other comments were referring to this.
Of course I know that if it was a plugin that I can enable/disable, I could disable it.

Now I’m lost. Why shouldn’t one of these plugins be activated or deactivated using a checkbox, like all the others I saw here? Some are activated by default, but I can uncheck them at will. I think any other markdown-it plugin will have this checkbox. Sorry, but I don’t understand your concern.

If there was a plugin, I agree. But there isn’t. I was thinking ahead. Currently there is no plugin. So, if someone creates a plugin, all good. If not, it would still be possible to add this. But in that case adding it could be without options depending on who is writing the code.

Well, if someone creates a plugin without any options to activate or deactivate it, that would be very lame – and if I were a developer I’d never include such a plugin into Joplin. Did someone create plugin this way in the past?

Typing ‘curly’ quotes is easy and straightforward when using a compose key. This also gives access to numerous other characters. So instead of trying to ‘fix’ something that isn’t broken, why no learn how to use the compose key instead?

I think that by “compose key” you mean the AltGr key on PC keyboards. Well, it’s hard to use a compose key such way on a keyboard layout that doesn’t have these characters; the only way to get them is by typing a code while keeping the ALT key pressed. I use extensively that method, but it’s kinda pain in the ass, you know. Besides, I don’t think Windows has ever had a proper compose key: it’s not like on Linux.

Typing ALT+code is for MS-DOS and obsolete for decades.
On most systems you can define what key to be used for compose. I use the right control. Remembering what characters to compose is much easier than remembering hex codes, really.

For example, Compose a ’ → á. Compose C = → €. Compose < " → “ and so on.

On Windows you just have this – or you can use third party utilities that mostly don’t work as expected. No, on Windows there’s no compose key; there’s only the old MS-DOS way, and you have to type four digits codes nowadays. Even on Windows 10 I didn’t find any way to have a compose key. Perhaps in a very distant future they’ll implement it, who knows.

I pity the poor Windows users.
Good luck remembering all those hex combinations…

Well, if you are saying that Windows users are not entitled to use Joplin, this thread ends here. I hope the developer won’t forget Windows users in the future.

I neither said, intended nor implied that.

Lol, as far as I know, the main dev runs on Windows himself. :smiley: