Simply confused about sync

Joplin 2.7.15 (prod, win32)
Client ID: 19c0995091de4e1c95934ac132fa0ac8
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 8352e23

On both my laptop and desktop. Had some troubles, so I took the data folder from the desktop (the main) and copied it to the webdav server I use, then to the laptop, so desktop, server and laptop all have same data. Went to notebook, updated Joplin, no everything is the same. Loaded Joplin and it tried to sync (to the server). The error I got was:
Fail-Safe: sync was interrupted because 100% of the data (1250 items)is about to be deleted.
I get this error on both Laptop and Desktop.
I make no bones that I really do not get the sync process, although when I first set this up all was well and I DID understand it - life got in the way ...

  1. I do not understand why when it first loads, it tries to sync when I have it set to manual sync.
  2. When it DOES do this, it comes back as having deleted so many files (somewhere, it's doesn't specify) and copied over so many files somewhere else (I CAN be more specific, it the idea I'm after) and although it does this, nothing changes that I can see.
  3. And obviously why is it wanting to delete 100% of the items - and for that matter WHICH items? Locally or on the server?

I am sorry if these questions seem trivial - they do to me, actually, I've been programming for 35 years, but my mind no longer grasps the simple things.
I use this a lot, but this is confusing me.
Can someone with patience help?

First, Copy a local Joplin profile to a sync target will not work. The local profile have all data (except resorces ) in database and the sync target manage everything with files.

  1. Only with disabled no sync is executed, with manual a sync is always executed at startup or a push of the note on a change of the note
  2. The data in the sync target are not present (deleted, moved, interrupted network connection on a file sync target)

Did you make a backup before overwriting/replacing the data in the sync target?

Thank you for taking the time to answer!

With the "copy of a local file to the target" will not work in mind, I JUST went through the advanced options of the sync settings, under options, and found that there is a way (probably preferred) to copy to target WITHIN the program. Will that that shortly.
I've gotten in the practice of ALWAYS IN ANY PROGRAM making a backup.

So the deleting of 100% of items ... those are on the server? Or does that change depending on circumstances?
Could you clarify what it's doing when the program first loads and sync's?

The sync will delete your local data becaus the sync target has no or very few data. This is why the sync is aborted/interrupted from the fail-safe.

Yes the option Re-upload local data to sync target in the sync settings is the right way

Yeah it worked. When I started, I just copied over the data to the server and all was well. Guess I'd better pay more attention to changes now.
There should be a way for the program to tell the user what data will be deleted, so there is never a mistake.

Thank you for the help - it has been GREATLY appreciated.

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