Joplin first sync issue

Hello all,

I have been using Joplin for a bit now and I am very happy with it at work and at home. I use a nextcloud setup at home for the location of joplin files. The android app works great and I see all the changes synced.

Recently at work I had to reinstall my OS (manjaro kde) and I installed Jolin like I did when I first set it up. I was lucky that this time around I have activated the failsafe option! It appears that the first action is to delete all the files already present on the server!

Is this normal behavior! What can I do to keep the files on the server and just download them or sync them with the new install on my work computer)?



No, if you install Joplin (and don't use an old profile with old states) and point it to a sync target, it will not delete the notes on the target.

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I raise the same topic in my posting. I am wondering if we can choose the sync direction for the 1st time, and then we will not worry the data lost.

thank you for your answer but I am still not clear. Here is the error (or message, I am not sure if it is an error) that displays on my work computer since I installed Joplin and pointed it at my nextcloud for sync:

Completed: 04/02/2021 10:28
Last error: Fail-safe: sync was interrupted because 100% of the data (29 items) is about to be deleted. To override this behavior disable fail-safe in the sync settings.

I will not disable fail safe until I know for sure it will not delete the notes I have on the server already. Another poster on this thread @yanqingwang suggested a choice at first run for the sync direction something like: Joplin local install go forth and bring the data that you find at this here server. Then from this moment on, you sync backwards and forwards.

Maybe I am not using it correctly, sorry for my confusion. It is a great program and it helped me organize a lot of information. That's why I don't want to loose it!

You are most likeky doing somthing wrong. You said you had to install a new OS. Did you restore your user folder (home directory) from a backup?

I said earlier you cannot use an old profile to do an initial setup.

Please delete the ~/.config/joplin-desktop directory, start Joplin, enter the sync info, and click the sync button.

ok I will do that and report back! thank you for the clarification!

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