Show metadata in note list

In Evernote, you can show metadata as columns alongside the note title in the note list:


You can also add additional metadata columns (shown below) and reorder them as you choose via dragging:


I propose adding support for something similar to Joplin, in a few phases:

  1. Add a “dumb” version of the Updated column (since imo that’s the most useful) without any of the other dynamic features
  2. Add the ability to resize the columns
  3. Add the ability to sort by each column
  4. Add the ability to customize which columns show

@laurent would you accept these PRs?


Yes I’d accept a PR and can’t think of any drawback with this feature. These 4 items could be split into several PRs so that it’s easier to review.


Lovely! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to this soon, since my vacation is nearly up and will be back to the coalmines soon. If anyone else wants to take it, go ahead. I’ll be sure to post here before I start any work so we don’t duplicate work.

I am missing that feature so much, thanks @ [devonzuegel] for your work.Hope i will find that feature soon :wink:

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This would be great! I use notebooks a lot, but I also use “All notes” ordered by recently updated to catch up on what I have recently been doing - then I really miss being able to see the notebook and tag list meta-data. In NixNote (linux EN client) I would see something like this:


Maybe we can choose a more compact UI, which show metadata in list item instead of columns. It’s something like WizNote:

And we can add a button to config metadata showed in list items:

and of course, “sorted by” option:

If I submit some PR like this, would you accept them?

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Any update for this feature?



As a long time NixNote user, looking to move to Joplin. Love everything about it except the lack of update date in the list.

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FYI, I'm starting work on this now. Please see this thread for details.


Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances in my personal life, I will not be able to finish this grid-like feature because of time management issues. See previously linked thread for details / possibly a more basic version of this.

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Also looking for this feature (especially update / create time), would love to see it added to this fantastic app!


Any updates on this feature? Joplin is such an amazin app (have been using it for the past 8 months and very passionate about it), and this is literally the only feature it is missing.

If I had the appropriate skill-set for this, I would jump on it myself - unfortunately I do not.
My only option is to beg for mercy :slight_smile:


I would love that one too

same here...
as above - this is literally the only feature to make Joplin usable for me...

Great idea! Sorting by due date would make task management with Joplin much easier although the Note Overview Plugin is already quite helpful for that purpose.

I would also love it, if anyone would implement this feature.

Raising my hand as a positive vote on this feature.

I used Evernote for 10+ years and always used the fields in the Notes list to sort and filter relevant notes.

Hi. Been useing evernote since 2008. Would love to switch to a opensource product with the notes stored on my own nas, but the fact that the metadata is missing in the notelist is the only thing that keeps me back as well. So a +1 from me as well.

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It would be very nice to have a column that shows the tags assigned to each note