"Show/Hide" button for the sidebar?

Just a small thing, but:

I have different notebooks for different contexts. When I'm focusing on one context, I like to hide other notebooks to avoid distraction. When I switch contexts, (and thus notebooks) I have to go through the view menu to show/hide the sidebar. It would be nice if there was a simple "Show/Hide" tag on the UI to show or hide the sidebar.

Something like the attached image, where the three-dot button would still be visible when the sidebar is hidden.

I was expecting there to already be a UI element like this, and was surprised when I couldn't find one.

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@HaniiPuppy welcome to the forum.

You can also just press F10 to show/hide the list of notebooks (and F11 to show/hide the list of notes).



Running Linux - Pop OS 22.04 with KDE, using the flatpak version.

I don't know why, but the app doesn't seem to want to pick up F keys - there's no "F10" by that option in the menu for me and pressing F10 does nothing. If I look at the keyboard shortcuts in the settings, that shortcut is indeed set to F10, but I can't assign the F keys to anything - again, they don't get picked up.

I've changed the shortcut to something else and that's working fine now, but I'd still like to be able to show/hide the sidebar via clicking.

There is a plugin for this. Search for: Note list and sidebar toggle buttons.


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