Show actual note book in title bar


is it possible to show the actual notebook name in the title bar in the destop app?

Perhaps there is space enough to add also the name of the actual note, too.



Personally, I’m using Joplin quite a lot and I haven’t missed this yet. But it sounds like a nice idea!

For reference, VSCode let’s the user decide what is displayed in the title bar. Maybe this is something to think about as well, especially regarding potential future developments like different sync targets. This is how it’s configured in VSCode (I am not suggesting that a similar level of detail is necessary):


I agree this would be nice to have.

If one browses to a particular note through the notebook tree it it highlighted and clear in the sidebar. But coming from a search, or in the “all notes” collection, it would be helpful to have a quick indication of which notebook does a note belong to.


At the moment a lot of work war and willbe done on the GUI.
Perhaps this could be added, too.