Show notebook near note title

Is there a way to show the notebook that a note is inside of? Something like the way search results show "In: nameOfNotebook" just below the title. I have lots of notebooks and lots of tags, so if the left list is scrolled up looking at tags, I cannot see which notebook is selected.


...below the title or in the status line, where the tags can be applied to the note. As well as in a note properties - it would be nice to see such a note property as a notebook it belongs to.

The Note Tabs plugin (Plugin: Note Tabs - #28 by 1001bricks) has a feature that displays a full breadcrumb for the selected note after searching, below the tab. Although different from what you requested, it might help you find the notebook name you need in another way. (Even the sub Notebook name as well)

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Currently, not all platforms support plugins, but all platforms has a notebook entity. Notebook (to be clear - parent id) is one of properties of a note. So why it is needed to install a plugin instead of add another field to the note info?

The guidelines for contributing to Joplin say "Feature requests must be opened and discussed on the forum. After they have been accepted, they can be added to the GitHub tracker." What does it mean to be "accepted"? I would really like this feature (show the notebook name somewhere in the note header or elsewhere), so I went ahead and did it on my local copy of Joplin source -- seems to work nicely. Is it ok to create an issue and submit a pull request? Or will it just be ignored? I am not a regular contributor to Joplin, but I am a software developer and would not mind becoming a contributor. Would it be better if I picked up some issue(s) and worked on them first?

You mean something like this? Desktop: resolve #3695: Show notebook and note title in the title bar by asrient · Pull Request #4390 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Yes, that would be fine. I'm on Windows 10, using the latest Joplin (3.0.6), but I do not see anything in the title bar of the window. Was this done just for Mac maybe? Or is there a setting for it somewhere that I'm missing?

Looking again - I'm confused. I see it marked as 'completed' on Apr 6, 2021, then reverted on May 4, 2021. Is this implemented now or not? Ah, never mind, I found the full discussion. Perhaps I'll tack some thoughts on to that. [later] Testing - v1.8.2 - Title Bar Path Format (Minor) - #21 by LeeBreisacher

btw, the place I put the notebook title is to the left of the date in the note header. I was just experimenting.