Deleting revisions

Joplin used to sync really quickly, now with revisions it syncs hundreds of items and that really impacts sync times.

I have disabled note history on all devices but I would like to remove the revisions. I only have around 250 items but with the sync files it is over 1500.

Could you post a screenshot of the time between each revision? (If you go to Info > View Note History and then take a screenshot of the dropdown) If there’s so many revisions I wonder if there’s a bug and it’s keeping too many of them, so if you could show how it looks for you that would be great.

To get the revision deleted, set the parameter “Keep note history for” to for example 1 day and the revisions should be gone after that delay.

Thanks for getting back to me. I had already set it to 1 day and this morning all the revisions are gone and the sync speeds are back to normal. Unfortunately, since the revisions are gone there is nothing to screenshot for you.