Shorter intervals sync options?

I am facing a problem where I am working with multiple machines and I need the shortest synchronisation intervals of notes in Joplin. The current minimum interval of 5 minutes is too long for my needs. I spend a lot of time remembering to sync, sync and sync.

Please, it is possible to add an option to sync the notes when closing the edit mode? This way will make less prone to accidentally conflicts which I have a lot of time. Also in the current situation, I just make a note on my iPad and when opening Joplin on Mac or PC, notes are still not synchronized.

Please check Simplenote project who manage to have shorter intervals for synchronisation, they are syncing almost instantly as I make changes to a note.

Best regards.

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On desktop, Joplin sync when you do CTRL-S to save the current note
On mobile, Joplin sync once you leave the “edit mode” as you call it

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Additionally Joplin pushes syncs a few seconds after editing (I believe it doesn’t pull changes down though)

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