Feature Request: move list items in viewer

I’ve been using another note taking app until just recently but since I’ve learnt of the existence of Joplin I decided to switch for copious obvious reasons. One feature in the app I used previously was the ability to move list items up and down freely. I imagine this can be made possible in the viewer (probably slightly more difficult for sorted lists than for unsorted ones) and it would save a hell of a lot of time otherwise spent on cut/paste stunts in the editor. It’d be awesome if this could be implemented.

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That’d be super useful along with setting notebook hierarchy and whatnot

In the editor I believe ALT + Up Arrow / Down Arrow will do that. It moves the entire line so it will work for lists, ordered lists, table rows etc.

See this post (Paragrah Editing Section)


Oh! That’s brilliant, @dpoulton. I didn’t know this but I just tried it successfully.
In my original post I was thinking of an implementation on phones and tablets and I guess on these devices it would make more sense to implement it in the viewer rather than the editor. But I don’t have much experience designing a UI.


At the moment with Joplin the viewer is pretty much only that, a viewer. There is a lot work in hand on the desktop version to allow WYSIWYG editing in the viewer but it's in its very early stages. I am not a dev so even if this is successful I don't know whether it could be applied to mobile. TBH I avoid editing on mobile basically because it is so bloody awkward!! It's not just editing in Joplin, it's editing in anything on mobile :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there any way we can have this feature in the Rich Text editor? That would make it really convenient to manage (nested) lists and to-do lists!

(Should I open an issue for such feature requests?)