Shortcut to transferring installation to another Windows PC?

I have a Joplin installation on one Windows 11 laptop and need to move it to another Windows 11 laptop. I will install the software first. Is there a way to move all the settings/plugins over to the new installation without doing it all manually? Would copying over AppData\Roaming\Joplin work, or is that a problematic approach?

The folder to copy is something like Users/<user>/.config/joplin-desktop

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This worked albeit with some minor complications.
Some aspects weren't unexpected, such as having to re-connect to OneDrive and filling in the E2EE master password.
What was surprising is that it had to sync everything as if everything had been changed. This full sync ended with an error on the first try, but I ran it again and it finished completely. Also, it enabled all my plugins, and I had some disabled in my previous installation.

Thanks for the help!

Surprising indeed! Not sure why it had to sync everything.

The passwords are saved to the system keychain, which is why you had to enter them again.

Not sure why a full sync was needed though. Maybe because you had to login again and the OneDrive sync state was lost or reset in the process.