Questions about restoring Joplin data on a new PC

Say I'm getting a new PC with Windows, and want to migrate my Joplin data to it (currently 2.12.19). I subscribe to Microsoft 365 (OneDrive). So how would you do it? Copy the C:\Users\me\.config\joplin-desktop folder 'as is' to a secure backup location, then install Joplin on the freshly-installed Windows, then copy over the backed up folder? Or the other way around — first, creating the above dir, then installing Joplin? Or, instead, exporting a big single .jex file prior to migrating? What is the recomended approach?

This begs the questions:

  1. Would any of the two lead to a conflict?
  2. Would it matter whether the notes are with encryption set?

What if I want to restore from the OneDrive sync target? So I install Windows, then set up OneDrive, then install Joplin, then configure OneDrive as the sync target, providing credentials, and wait (patiently) for the notes and tags to come through?

Ah, I found this topic, which includes some of Laurent's tips, but that seems a bit more specific; I'm asking generally, and hypothetically. This should be in the FAQ :slight_smile:

Why all the complexity? If you got a new phone, would you be doing all this? No, you would just sync with the cloud, where you have the master copy. Do the same with a new PC.

Ok, but is that the "official", "supported", recomended, wise, optimal way to do it?

If you already sync joplin data between onedrive and your „old“ device, this is the recommended way for every new device, yes!


I've 'set up' (not the correct term here) Joplin Portable by copying over the profile directory to thumb drives and the like half a dozen time, and I've never met with a conflict. Can't say if this is in any way recommended however.

Then you'd lose versioning, i.e. note history (if that's important to you). The default value for this is 30 days.

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