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Shortcut to change notebook

Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, darwin)
MacOS: Monteray

I don't see a shortcut option to change the current notebook. Since it's possible to Toggle sidebar it would make sense to be able to change notebook via a shortcut rather than having to toggle the sidebar to change it.

Use-case: with limited screen space on my laptop, I like to hide the sidebar, but I still want to change notebooks.

Am I missing an easier way to change notebooks?

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You can use goto anything? Ctrl/cmd + p then @notebook


oh I didn't know about the @ to goto to a notebook. That solves the issue. Thank you! Is this documented somewhere that I missed?

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It is documented yes - https://joplinapp.org/help/#goto-anything

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oh I notice finding a specific note now changes notebooks. That's super. I didn't notice it does that. That also helps